Gardner Denver publishes free guide on improving compressor efficiency

Industrial compressor and vacuum leader Gardner Denver has released a new guide exploring how businesses can improve their compressors’ energy efficiency, overall performance and total cost of ownership.

Available to download for free, the guide highlights factors that can improve a compressor’s total cost of ownership, including correct specification and prioritising whole life costs. It also explains how owners and operators can make savings and efficiency gains by carrying out an energy audit, and what an audit from Gardner Denver entails.

Furthermore, the guide highlights the common issues that can reduce a compressor’s overall efficiency, and how these can be resolved. It goes on to describe the increasing importance of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 in maintaining compressor efficiency and optimising performance. Specifically, the guide explores how Gardner Denver’s cloud-based air management platform, iConn, can deliver advanced analytics to help operators identify when, where and how energy waste occurs.

Keith Atkinson, EMEAI Sales Manager at Gardner Denver, explains : “Identifying inefficiencies and optimising compressor performance is increasingly vital for owners and operators looking to improve their bottom line. We hope that by highlighting key areas where energy might be wasted and overall efficiency could be diminished, issues surrounding equipment performance can be avoided.

“When you consider that energy costs account for over 80 per cent of a compressor’s total cost of ownership, improving its performance and efficiency can result in huge benefits.