Essity and Fotografiska launch “Power of Hands” exhibition with Malin Fezehai

On November 29, the “Power of Hands” exhibition will open at Fotografiska (the Swedish Museum of Photography) in Stockholm with pictures taken by the internationally award-winning Swedish-Eritrean photographer Malin Fezehai. This will be the third time Essity and Fotografiska hold a joint exhibition aimed at highlighting how hygiene and health affect people’s well-being.

Malin Fezehai’s pictures focus on hands and their importance for people. Essity is acting as knowledge partner to the exhibition and is contributing insights into hand hygiene and the link to hygiene, health and well-being in a broader perspective. The need for good hygiene and clean water is crucial for people’s health, particularly considering the growing problem of multidrug-resistant bacteria.

“These collaborations enable us to reach more people who can learn about the importance of good hand hygiene and how we can stop the spread of infection. We want every visitor to the exhibition – both at Fotografiska’s gallery and via digital platforms – to become an ambassador for good hand hygiene,” says Joséphine Edwall Björklund, Senior Vice President, Group Function Communications at Essity.

The collaboration with Fotografiska and the “Fotografiska For Life” platform forms part of Essity’s communication initiatives, where the company is raising issues about how hygiene standards can be improved around the world. Essity has also partnered with UNICEF Mexico, the United Nations Foundation and the UN’s Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), among others.

“We use our hands to give and take. Washing them is essential for good health and hygiene, which is highlighted in this joint exhibition by Essity/Fotografiska For Life. Malin Fezehai’s captivating images show how hands can express so much of the same body language, regardless of where they are on the planet,” says Per Broman, Founder and General Manager of Fotografiska.

A collection will be made in conjunction with the exhibition that will be donated to UNICEF, following on from last year’s collection, which raised almost SEK 250,000. “Power of Hands” will be on display at Fotografiska in Stockholm until February 9, 2020.