Emtec Electronic presents its innovative testing equipment in Graz

From June 05th to 06th, the Paper & Biorefinery Conference 2019 takes place in Graz, Austria and people from the pulp, paper and biorefinery sector come together. The German developer and producer of innovative testing equipment, emtec Electronic GmbH, will showcase a variety of its instruments. From the wet end to the finished product, the application of the equipment enables an efficient process, to get the best possible quality with the lowest possible costs.
The smallest, lightest and most-modern charge measuring systems for the wet-end in paper and board production are the CAS touch ! and the FPA touch ! The use of both instruments in the production process
helps to optimize the utilization of chemicals with the target to stabilize the process, to improve the product quality and to reduce costs.
Besides this, the EST12 emtec Surface & Sizing Tester is shown. A useful tool to determine those surface properties of paper and board, that are relevant for the converting process, in particular the surface hydrophobia (sizing) as well as the surface porosity. Both parameters help to predict the converting behavior while printing, coating and gluing and enable the optimal runnability during the converting processes of paper and board.
The ACA Ash Content Analyzer enables the determination of the mineral filler content of paper and board within seconds, and without combustion, that means without destruction of the samples. Both, the total mineral filler content, as well as the individual filler components (e.g. calcium carbonate, kaolin/talcum, titanium dioxide, iron oxide) and their percentage distribution are given.
Especially for tissue and nonwoven products, the popular TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer gives reliable and objective information about the three basic parameters, which determine the human feeling : the softness, roughness and stiffness. From these three, an overall hand feel value can be calculated. The availability of these values opens a huge amount of chances to optimize the tissue production and converting processes. New for hand sheet measurements : an updated version of the TSA and an improved measuring method for hand sheets (made in the lab) enables a reliable prediction of the final product quality in the lab without expensive trials at the tissue machine.