Covid 19 crisis and logistics : STILL keeps in touch with its customers

While a large part of companies is strongly impacted by the Covid 19 crisis, others have to cope with a sharp increase in their activity. The agri-food, pharmaceutical, mass distribution and logistics sectors must organize themselves to respond to a spike in orders and urgent delivery requests.

In order to support its customers in these difficult times, while protecting all the employees, STILL has set up a new organization for all its sales force by relying on new technologies to continue advising its customers.

In addition to traditional telephone and email networks, STILL has deployed Skype and Microsoft Teams tools for all of its employees in order to organize virtual meetings and meetings. The sales force can thus keep eye contact with its customers and present useful solutions to the pursuit of their activity through shared files.

Thanks to a simple click on a link, the customer connects via his computer or mobile phone to his STILL contact. If the camera is activated, he can film his warehouse, his loading dock, his storage aisles and chat live with his interlocutor. These tools also allow you to exchange documents, photos, videos, present and explain live the solutions that can be provided by STILL.

With these tools, it is possible to respond very quickly to many problems without having to travel. It is therefore possible to meet all of the highly targeted needs that emerge during this period.