BTG’s unique solution to improve the performance of metered size presses is bringing strong benefits in all its installations

Thanks to BTG’s size press solution (SurfMAXTM), great improvements have been achieved on containerboard and specialty grade machines in several locations around the globe. Improved strength level and reduction in variation of strength properties have enabled the following benefits: reduction of starch consumption of up to 20%, energy savings related to starch application of up to 12%, and increase speed of up to 1%, which represents 500 1000k€ per year on a midsize machine.
BTG’s SurfMAXTM is an innovative combination of application knowhow, metering elements and novel online instrumentation. While a holistic approach creates visible benefits on size press environment, a big part of the work is done behind the scenes, i.e. in the paper machine wet end and in the starch kitchen: the improvement of the base paper with an increased starch quality is a prerequisite to good surface application.