Atip Technical Day on Industry 4.0 brought together more than 70 people

After a visit to the SKF factory located in Sant-Cyr-sur-Loire, near Tours, the French Technical Association of the Paper Industry (ATIP) organized, on June 13, its first Technical Day of the year on the site of this bearings manufacturer. More than 70 people were able to discuss the upheavals created by the advances of the Industry of the Future. After introductory remarks by Stéphane Marquerie, president of ATIP and Isabelle Margain, Managing Director, quality speakers followed one another at the tribune, representing SKF, Allimand, Acoem, ABB, Honeywell, Siemens, Braincube and EDF. The afternoon was devoted to a brainstorming gathering suppliers and paper manufacturers. At its conclusion, ATIP decided to create a Working Group dedicated to this theme. It will be led by Daniel Boyer (Cartonnerie de Gondardennes Wardrecques). ATIP will organize its second Technical Day in Strasbourg next September 26 on the theme of recycled fibers. A visit to Blue Paper mill will also be organized on September 25 afternoon.