An iconic customer: DS Smith

For Noviprofibre, every client matters and every order is dealed with the same quality oriented desire and the wish to satisfy our customers.

2018 has been a rich year full of challenges and pride because Noviprofibre has landed an important order from the DS Smith’s group. The order has been made for the Eastern Europe countries, which are: Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia and Greece.

The purpose of this order was to carry out the equipping of new laboratories and oslo laboratories which were already partially equipped. The stake was to allow and facilitate information centralization between all the concerned laboratories through one and only quality checking software.

With a certain satisfaction, Noviprofibre has made the difference by positioning the Novilog software on the offer, and it has been selected ! Indeed, the Novilog software has been chosen by DS Smith to be implanted within its 17 laboratories in order to centralize their data and results through all laboratories and make it available for the DS Smith’s group. This demand and investment reflect the wish that has DS Smith to unify their equipments and the measure requirements in its European units.

It is also important to highlight that thanks to the Novilog’s performance and the quality, it has been chosen by a massive customer with an additional approach of carrying out the service maintenance within Noviprofibre. The combination of the a high quality of production and of service, Noviprofibre guarantees a high level of satisfaction to our customers, with the example of the DS Smith 2018 case.