American Forest & Paper Association Sets Advocacy Agenda for 2024

The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) Board of Directors announced key advocacy priorities for 2024.

“The paper and wood products industry continues to strengthen its leadership in sustainability, safety and environmental stewardship, as evidenced by more than a decade of Better Practices, Better Planet sustainability achievements and our forward-looking 2030 commitments,” said Howard Coker, AF&PA Board Chair and Sonoco President and CEO.

“It is critical that both state and federal policies not jeopardize access to essential paper products or hinder countless modernization projects for our industry.”

This year, several regulatory and policy challenges face both the paper and wood products industry and the U.S. manufacturing sector.

“The growing regulatory burden, including recent EPA air regulations, are threatening U.S. manufacturing jobs and the economy. Meanwhile extended producer responsibility policies and the European Union’s Deforestation Regulation stand to impede our focus on a circular value chain,” said Heidi Brock, AF&PA President and CEO.

Brock continued, “As a condition of membership, AF&PA members are committed to sustainable forest management and sourcing wood fiber from responsibly managed forests. Our industry champions sustainable practices, like the use of renewable biomass energy. We believe all Americans benefit when policies are both achievable and sustainable, with the ultimate goal of preserving access to the paper-based products people need and use every day around the world.”