AFT supplying POM approach system to Papeles y Conversiones de Mexico containerboard mill

AFT will be supplying a new POM thin stock approach system to the Papeles y Conversiones de Mexico containerboard mill in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.  PCM is a leading Mexican company in the manufacture, conversion and marketing of high quality printing and packaging products.

The project will consist of two POMp degassers, two POM Dynamix static mixers, two POMlock seal tanks, two POM headers, and two POM head tanks for PCM’s two-ply PM2, along with accompanying spare parts and system engineering.

The POMp degasser provides a compact and efficient solution at the beginning of the white water handling process, requiring fewer and smaller silos and tanks downstream. By removing air before the paper machine headbox, the short circulation system will promote better machine runnability with fewer sheet breaks, faster start-ups and grade changes, reduced chemical and water use, and greater system cleanliness.

“We appreciate our continued partnership with PCM and look forward to a successful start-up later this year”, Sven Girschner, Regional Manager – Americas, Process & Equipment Solutions.