A.Celli starts up paper rewinder at Maanshan Huawang New Materials Technology

A.Celli successfully started up on schedule the third EWIND® P100 paper rewinder supplied to the Chinese company.

The paper rewinder, delivered to the Maanshan Huawang’s plant in Anhui, has been installed in the PM16 to process decorative specialty paper Jumbo rolls at 2200 mpm. This rewinder joins the other two P100 provided by A.Celli in 2019 and 2021.

This new success, along with the new contract for a fourth P100 that has entered into force on June, furthers cement the bond between the two realities and is a
testimony of the trust that Chinese companies are putting in A.Celli’s solutions and services.

Mr. Wu Hai Biao, General Manager of Maanshan Huawang, expressed its satisfaction by saying: “We relied in the past on A.Celli’s rewinders for our decorative paper production lines and we couldn’t have made a better choice. This third order confirms our trust in these machines performance and reliability