Concern and hope at iT’s Tissue, after disappearance of helicopter with six passengers and pilot on board

Following the report that a helicopter carrying six tissue industry professionals in addition to the pilot went missing in the area between the provinces of Lucca and Modena yesterday, iT’s Tissue issued the following statement:

This is a time of deep concern but also hope.

Research by Alpine Rescue, the Air Force and the Fire Brigade are underway.

Today is the last day of the iT’s Tissue event, and since news of the helicopter’s disappearance emerged yesterday, it has been a matter of deep concern for everyone: organizers, participants, sponsors and all the companies in the Tissue Italy Network (A.CELLI, E80, FUTURA , GAMBINI, KOERBER, IMA-TMC, OMET, PCMC, PULSAR, RECARD, TOSCOTEC).

On board the helicopter, in addition to the pilot, are several colleagues who are leading professionals in the world of tissue, well known to many of us.

Now is the time for hope, as we await news of the search.