ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2024: Trade show and conference set for success with high-impact topics

The start of the ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2024 is more than promising: 87% of the exhibition space has already been booked, the program planning with a focus on the megatrend sustainability has been completed, as have the practical preparations. ZELLCHEMING Expo will take place from June 18 to 20, 2024 at the RheinMain CongressCenter (RMCC) in Wiesbaden, Germany.


In the eighth week of the calendar year, 80 exhibitors have already confirmed their participation or reserved floor space. This means that nearly 1,700 of the 1,950 sqm of space at the RMCC is currently fully booked.

“This positive development, which we particularly appreciate in view of the continuing difficult economic situation, gives us a lot of momentum for the final phase of preparations for this year’s event,” explains Petra Hanke, Managing Director of ZELLCHEMING Service GmbH. “At the moment, only about 13 percent of the hall, or about 270 square meters, are still available. Therefore, we are sure that we will not only have a very good and comprehensive range of products on the entire exhibition area, but that we will also be able to further expand our range of topics”.


According to a recent report by the Zukunftsinstitut1, no other megatrend is sparking such heated debate as the issue of sustainable consumption, resource conservation and energy supply. According to trend researchers, it is becoming increasingly clear that efficiency is the path to green prosperity and economic stability. While sustainable consumption was a market driver at the beginning of the century, it is now being replaced by pragmatic, holistic thinking. ZELLCHEMING has recognized the signs of the times: The president of the association, Prof. Dr. Helga Zollner-Croll, placed the topic of sustainability directly on the board of directors after taking office and is now in the process of integrating it into the work of the technical committees.

For the opening of the ZELLCHEMING Forum on the first day of the fair, Zollner-Croll is expecting numerous representatives from politics, associations, and companies from the industry. The title of the panel discussion is: “The paper and pulp industry on the way to climate-neutral production – political framework conditions, successful investment projects and promising perspectives!

The panelists are Dr. Uwe Knotzer, Managing Partner of Knauf KG, Dr. Markus Wildberger, Corporate Director Technology, Koehler Paper, and Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, CEO of Felix Schoeller and President of the German Paper Industry Association. The framework will be set by Dr. Ekkehard Griep, Federal Chairman of the DGVN (German Association for the United Nations), who will describe where we stand at the halfway point on the way to the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations Agenda 20302.

Sustainability will be a recurring theme throughout the event. For example, the ZELLCHEMING technical committee DATA will look at the practical aspects of sustainability and explain the impact of new EU directives on the topic of documentation. “The CO2 footprint of the products our industry produces is becoming increasingly important. Customers are demanding more transparency, and digital tools are well suited to meet this growing demand,” says Rosario Othen, chair of the association’s technical committee. The session will present different perspectives and concrete solutions.

Start-ups will also be more involved in ZELLCHEMING-Expo. Previously represented only as exhibitors and speakers in the lecture program, they will now play a greater role in the so-called Start-up Flash. Prof. Dr. Markus Biesalski from TU Darmstadt and chairman of the ZELLCHEMING main committee will lead through the proven format with entertaining presentations and audience participation. “We will present industry-relevant new materials, products and processes and facilitate intensive networking,” says Biesalski.

For Helga Zollner-Croll, ZELLCHEMING’s ambitious program for this year’s Expo will once again live up to its mission statement: “As a responsible designer and trendsetter, we want to make a positive contribution to securing the future of an innovative paper and fiber-based industry,” she says. “We are also one step closer to our goal of becoming a major player in the circular economy, which is increasingly being promoted and demanded by politicians, businesses and society, with a sustainable EU bio-economy as a core element.”

New formats

The premiere of the ZELLCHEMING Careers Day on the last day of the Expo was already one of the highlights last year, and this innovative format is now expected to gain further momentum. This special focus on the third day of the Expo offers the core target groups – students and trainees – direct and uncomplicated access to companies of the pulp and paper industry. Partners and sponsors include universities, educational institutions, recruitment agencies, institutes, companies, associations, and other organizations. “We are sure that many paper, board and pulp manufacturers will actively use the opportunity to present their companies, locations and job profiles and to get in touch with the next generation of the industry,” says Frank Meltzer, Vice Chairman of the ZELLCHEMING Association.