With 4 new lines in Europe and United States, Sofidel keeps trusting Gambini

Between April, 2018 and May, 2019, Sofidel bought and started – for some of its US-based plants – 4 tissue paper converting lines manufactured by Gambini. Today, 4 more lines are going to join those first 4, thus confirming Sofidel’s appreciation of Gambini’s technical quality and its trust in them as technological partners: a collaboration which has been binding for years these two companies, both established and proudly kept in Lucca, Italy.

The first supply from 2018-2019 was made of one consumer line and three Away-from-Home ones, all equipped with TouchMax – Gambini’s state-of-the-art embosser/laminator – and designed to get to 700 m/min of production speed; they were installed in Oklahoma, Ohio and Nevada (USA).

As regards this second supply – spanning between May, 2020 and January, 2021 –, three lines are destined to Sofidel’s newly-built plants in Circleville, OH and Inola, OK; the fourth, instead, is going to be started up in Ciechanów, Poland, thus marking the first time a line of Gambini’s is installed in a European plant of Sofidel’s. These 4 lines, as well – which make 8 the total number of Gambini’s Flex and ProFlex lines purchased by Sofidel –, can produce consumer products; they also feature a TouchMax each; one of them runs at 600 m/min, while three can reach 700 m/min.