Werhahn takes over FiberLean Technologies

Wilh. Werhahn KG has signed an agreement to acquire FiberLean Technologies, taking over the company from its previous owners Imerys SA and Omya Interna-tional. FiberLean Technologies is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of an innovative, pa-tented composite material made of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) and mineral. The expansion of business activities into the future-oriented market of microfibrillated cellulose follows the Wer-hahn principle of achieving sustainable growth by establishing or acquiring future oriented activi-ties. Part of the acquisition of FiberLean Technologies will take place through the purchase of four MFC production facilities at the sites in the USA, India and France.

Paolo Dell’ Antonio, Chairman of the Management Board of Wilh. Werhahn KG, explains: “We are pleased to add FiberLean Technologies to our portfolio, a business activity whose innovative products can contribute to increased sustainable resource use and efficiency in various industries. FiberLean Technologies has developed an impressive technology over the last ten years, which has good growth potential in the paper and packaging industry and other fields of application. We are convinced that we can develop FiberLean Technologies into a profitable and valuable business area of the Werhahn Group in the coming years.”

The acquisition by Werhahn KG will enable FiberLean Technologies to intensify its growth in cur-rent markets and its development into new markets in the future. With the new owner, FiberLean Technologies will actively promote the dissemination, deployment, and application of its techno-logical expertise through innovative products. FiberLean Technologies’ activities including all ex-isting locations in the USA, UK, India and France will be managed from Germany in the future.

Enrico de Landerset, General Manager of FiberLean Technologies: “We are happy to have found a new owner in Werhahn KG, who wants to further develop our business internationally with us in a sustainable way according to the Werhahn philosophy ‘a company for entrepreneurs’. I am sure that together with Werhahn we will profitably expand our leading market position!”