VTT founds a subsidiary to offer innovations for autonomous mobility

Finland is a forerunner in autonomous and remotely controlled solutions that are renewing the industrial sector, logistics and the way people move. The use of autonomous systems in various fields of society requires robust investment in competence, innovations and technology. VTT will strengthen the development of autonomous systems by founding a subsidiary VTT SenseWay Oy, focusing on such systems.

The new company will seek access to the global markets from Turku, where some of the world’s leading expertise in autonomous shipping systems can already be found. Autonomous systems are also making a strong entry into other transport and logistics sectors and mobile work machines, and VTT will respond to this demand with its solutions. The markets in the solutions business in this sector are growing rapidly, and VTT estimates their global value to exceed EUR 70 billion by 2023.

 “There will be demand for autonomous systems in the future, as we are looking for solutions and innovations for tackling global challenges, such as resource sufficiency and industrial renewal. We want to ensure that the results of cutting-edge research reach the markets, and become a part of the business world and people’s everyday lives more rapidly than before. At the same time, we are helping Finnish industries and society to adopt the changes in modes of operation and business practices enabled by the new technologies,” says Antti Vasara, President & CEO of VTT.