VPK Packaging France achieves the EcoVadis Platinum medal, strengthening the sustainability of our supply chain

As a company, it is our ambition to integrate sustainability throughout the supply chain. By developing circular packaging solutions and ensuring a sustainable flow of goods, we want to leave our mark on the entire value chain. To make this commitment tangible and measurable, we participate, among others, in the EcoVadis business sustainability rating platform. Today, we are proud to announce that VPK Packaging France has been awarded the EcoVadis Platinum Medal.

In recent years, we obtained the EcoVadis Gold Medal in five countries: Belgium, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands and the UK. Together with Romania, VPK Packaging France was the first country in our group to qualify for EcoVadis. Today, we are proud to announce that VPK Packaging France is also the first country to add an EcoVadis Platinum Medal to the list, putting our local activities among the top one percent of the 100.000+ companies evaluated by EcoVadis.
Why EcoVadis is so important
As the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, EcoVadis helps us to translate and document our existing values and good practices regarding Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement more elaborately into our quality management systems. It challenges us in questioning our approach regarding the above-mentioned subjects, allowing us to upgrade the sustainability of our supply chain.
“Sustainability ratings such as EcoVadis are playing an increasingly important role in companies’ supplier selection processes,” explains Philippe Tran, Managing Director of VPK France. “A few years ago, only a few customers occasionally asked us about our EcoVadis score. Today, this has become a must-have for many companies”, he adds.

Guarantee of our unwavering commitment to sustainability

The EcoVadis rating platform provides our stakeholders with the assurance that VPK is synonymous with a sustainable supply chain.

The platform not only shows the areas in which we perform well, but also those in which we can still make progress. Moreover, we can use the platform to evaluate our partners throughout our supply chain. It provides us with the necessary tools to maintain and further develop the sustainability of our supply chain, today and in the future.

“Obtaining the EcoVadis Platinum Medal guarantees our customers that they can rely on us as a trusted partner in achieving their proper sustainability targets. This achievement is the recognition of our efforts and teamwork in improving each and every item where we identified gaps that we could close. I am very proud of this achievement and I would like to thank and congratulate everyone within VPK who contributed to this great result”, Philippe concludes.