Voith Paper boosts efficiency at major packaging paper manufacturer in Argentina

The plant located in Buenos Aires will be equipped with the per-seasonalised solutions offered by the German multinational.

Voith Paper closed the deal to refurbish the pulp preparation section of one of the leading packaging companies in Argentina.

The choice for Voith is due to its customised solutions, which provide improved efficiency and, consequently, sustainability of the installations. These solutions not only meet the specific requirements of the industry, but also ensure significant energy, water and fibre savings, consolidating the customer’s position as a leader in environmentally friendly practices.

Pulp preparation systems, known as Stock Preparation Systems, play a crucial role in the production of any type of paper, being present in all production plants. These systems are responsible for the treatment of the cellulose fibre, removal of contaminants and adjustment of the characteristics according to the requirements of the type of paper.

The renovation will cover the entire structure of the pulping and contaminant removal system, with the aim of significantly increasing performance and improving efficiency. The corresponding equipment is already in the manufacturing stage and will be delivered by the end of 2024.

“Voith Paper expresses its immense satisfaction with the establishment of a new partnership in Argentina. This collaboration reaffirms our strong commitment to sustainability and efficiency, highlighting the customer’s trust in our customized process solutions. We are delighted to contribute to this operational success and the partnership not only strengthens our business relationships, but also represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future for both companies,” says Antonio Lemos, President of Voith Paper South America.