Voith Paper and Papelera Reyes carry on their strategic partnership in the Peruvian market

Voith has just announced the supply of clothing for another tissue paper machine of Papelera Reyes located in Lima, Peru.

In the start-up package, Voith Paper was in charge of supplying 100% of the clothing for the company’s third machine, including the forming fabrics and the press felts.

The decision to go with Voith was based on the consistently superior results of the products offered by the German multinational and the flexibility demonstrated throughout the process, from planning to machine start-up.

“Papelera Reyes is a valuable partner and we are extremely pleased to be able to strengthen our collaboration even further. We are confident that this experience will enable Papelera Reyes to reach new heights in terms of production capacity and quality, consolidating its position in the Peruvian market,” said Wellington Vieira, Application and Sales Manager for Tissue in South America at Voith Paper.

As a prominent player in the Peruvian market, Papelera Reyes plays a vital role for the sector in the region. After integrating the Voith consumables, the company is set to increase its relevance in the area with yet another machine in operation.

The new paper machine of Papelera Reyes has a production capacity of 130 tons/day and an operating speed of up to 2000 m/min.