Verso Energy studies the conversion, at the French Sylvamo plant in Saillat-sur-Vienne, of biogenic carbon dioxide into sustainable aviation fuel

Verso Energy will conduct a feasibility study into the construction of a large-scale industrial site capable of producing sustainable aviation fuel using biogenic carbon dioxide from the Sylvamo pulp and paper mill located in Saillat-sur-Vienne, near Limoges in central France. The companies signed a memorandum of understanding for Verso Energy to study the potential of recovering the biogenic carbon dioxide produced by this site and combining it with green hydrogen to produce a synthetic aviation fuel, known as the name eSAF. The amount of this investment could exceed one billion euros.

“The development of this important deposit of biogenic CO2 will contribute to the deployment of a French sector for the production of sustainable fuels to reduce the carbon footprint of activities that are difficult to decarbonize, in industry or air transport,” explained Antoine. Huard, Managing Director and co-founder of Verso Energy (on the left on the picture, with Oliver Taudien, VP and Managing Director of Sylvamo Europe). “This is an essential lever both for respecting the climate commitments of these sectors, for maintaining dynamic and innovative industrial activity in our territories and for contributing to our energy sovereignty.”

If the study proves conclusive, Verso Energy will work to obtain the necessary permits and financing to build the site, which could be commissioned in 2029. In this case, Sylvamo will become a supplier to Verso Energy and its pulp or paper production will not be affected.

Founded in 2021, the company Verso Energy’s mission is to make possible a low-carbon and competitive energy mix comprising a high proportion of renewable energies, by developing, financing and operating projects for the production and storage of renewable electricity and production of carbon-free hydrogen and synthetic fuels.

V. L.