Valmet Customer Days 2023 gathered a record number of customers from all around the world in Copenhagen on March 29-31

Altogether 275 pulp, paper and energy producers from 32 countries participated in this traditional event organised by Valmet.  The program offered inspiring presentations, demonstrations, customer cases and discussions around the event theme ‘Forward to a carbon neutral future’.  The Customer Days started with a get-together reception on Wednesday evening March 29, and continued with two-day seminar program.

On Thursday, the program started with a common opening program for all participants and continued with industry programs for pulp, board and paper, tissue and energy producers.

The industry programs also included Future Interactive demonstrations. They enabled event participants to experience new tools and services that empower mill or plant personnel to perform at their best, when moving towards more autonomous operations.

All in all, the program included a total of 50 presentations, of which 24 were held by a customer of Valmet.