Valmet appoints Samppa Ahmaniemi as new VP, Head of Valmet Tissue Converting Business Unit

Valmet just announced the appointment of Samppa Ahmaniemi as its VP, Head of Valmet Tissue Converting Business Unit effective February 1st 2024.

This appointment marks a natural milestone in Samppa Ahmaniemi’s professional journey and growth within Valmet, where he has held various positions, thereby acquiring an intimate understanding of its intricacies and a profound insight into the Paper Industry. Until now, Ahmaniemi has held the position of heading the Board, Paper, and Tissue Solutions Business Unit within the Services Business Line, while also serving as a valuable member of the Paper Business Line management team since 2018.

After earning a Master’s degree in Environmental Technology in 1997, followed by a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Tampere University of Technology in 2004, he simultaneously took on the role of Researcher for the University of Trento. Samppa Ahmaniemi starts his professional career as R&D Manager in Valmet in 2003 until 2010. After reaching outstanding results he was appointed Director of the Roll Cover Technology Unit until 2015.  Consequently, in 2016 he was nominated Director of the Paper and Finishing Technology Unit and after three years, he assumed the role of Vice President of the Board, Paper, and Tissue Solutions Business Unit. In this position, Samppa Ahmaniemi focused on various aspects of operations aimed at leading the business unit and fostering its progress. This included managing Field Services, Improvement Projects, and Mill Maintenance Operations. Additionally, as a supervisor, he coordinated the Lifecycle services, Customer operations development support, and digitalisation projects.

Thanks to his continual commitment to excellence, Samppa Ahmaniemi as VP, Head of Valmet Tissue Converting Business Unit, will lead the development plan, combining business expertise with technological know-how. By aligning business objectives with customer needs and market evolutions, Samppa Ahmaniemi aims to expand Valmet’s market share, positioning the Company as a key player in the Tissue sector, while driving sustainable long-term growth and profitability.

“I am firmly convinced that Samppa Ahmaniemi is the ideal candidate for this pivotal assignment. His exceptional capabilities and unwavering drive position him perfectly to lead the Tissue Converting Business Unit into a prosperous future, benefitting both our business and our Clients. Samppa Ahmaniemi’s openness, honesty, and eagerness to learn are commendable qualities that will undoubtedly contribute to his success in this role. I extend my sincerest wishes for his utmost success in his new position,” states Petri Rasinmäki with confidence.

Ahmaniemi states, I am honored and excited to take on this new role and will do my very best to continue leading the business forward. I thank Petri Rasinmäki and therefore Valmet for entrusting me with this assignment, thereby renewing their confidence in my professional figure.” He concludes “I am looking forward to meeting all the skilled and dedicated people in the Converting Business not only in Italy but also in our other units in the USA, Brazil, Japan, and China. The objectives are ambitious but I’m convinced that through teamwork and by focusing on expertise, flexibility, and technical quality, we will accomplish remarkable results together.”