UPM steps to a digital transformation journey with suppliers

UPM is digitalising procurement processes by creating a collaborative ecosystem with its suppliers. Processes, such as demand planning, tendering, contracting and purchase transactions, will be simplified and automated by taking into use SAP Ariba solution.

“I’m excited to invite our suppliers to this joint journey towards a future with efficient and easy collaboration which adds value not only to UPM and its suppliers but also to other stakeholders“, Ilkka Nurmi, Senior Vice President, UPM Sourcing says. “This project with SAP Ariba means not only investing in a new technology but also investing in the skills of our employees. Going forward, transacting through Ariba Network will be the standard way of doing business with UPM”, Nurmi continues.

UPM is a recognised industry leader in responsibility. By adopting the latest technology in managing supply chain transparency and risks proactively, the company continues to set the new gear in achieving sustainable and compliant supply also in the future.