Due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, UPM imposes several precautionary measures with the aim of holding the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as planned on 31 March 2020. These measures are taken to enable that the AGM may convene and decide upon the agenda items, such as payment of dividend, in accordance with the notice to the AGM published on 30 January 2020 while securing the health and safety of individual shareholders.

All shareholders who have preregistered or are about to preregister for the meeting are strongly encouraged to reconsider their participation in the AGM and to take advantage of the proxy service provided by the Company. In addition, those shareholders who have already preregistered for the meeting and do not wish to attend the meeting nor use the proxy service are encouraged to cancel their prior notice of attendance as soon as possible if they do not plan to attend. Instructions for the use of proxy service and cancellation of the attendance are available on the corporate website www.upm.com/agm2020.

In all circumstances, UPM will follow instructions given by relevant authorities. The Company’s shareholders may follow the AGM via live webcast. It will not be possible to ask questions or vote during the live webcast.

The following special measures will be taken to secure the health and safety of the shareholders and Company employees:

  • Shareholders may exercise their voting rights by using the proxy service provided by the Company in accordance with the instructions on the corporate website.
  • Shareholders may also send questions in advance to the Company’s management following the instructions on the corporate website.
  • The meeting and all presentations, including the CEO’s review, will be short and meet the minimal requirements.
  • The participation of the members of the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Team is limited to the minimum and the proposed new members of the Board will not be present at the AGM.
  • No coffee or refreshments will be served, no special program will be organised, and no giveaways will be distributed.
  • The venue of the AGM will be confirmed at a later stage.
  • Persons who belong to risk groups based on their age or medical condition or who have travelled outside of Finland 14 days prior to the AGM, as well as persons with flu symptoms, are requested not to attend the meeting in person. Instead, they are encouraged to use the proxy service provided by the Company or cancel their preregistration to the meeting the soonest.

The AGM shall be held only if the number of shareholders attending the meeting is small enough to allow the meeting to be arranged in accordance with the instructions given by the relevant authorities and in a safe manner.

More information and instructions regarding authorising another person to represent a shareholder by way of a proxy, following the AGM via live webcast and sending questions in advance is available on the corporate website at www.upm.com/agm2020.

At UPM, safety is the priority. UPM monitors the development of the coronavirus situation constantly and follows all instructions given by the Finnish authorities. Shareholders are advised to follow the corporate website to gain the latest instructions on the AGM.