Tissue World Düsseldorf rescheduled for Spring 2023

Tom Hill, Event Manager for Tissue World at Informa Markets said:

“Our focus over the past few months has been on ensuring that we can provide an event to the highest standards that Tissue World adheres to. Having spoken to the key stakeholders it has become clear that the community is divided on whether we can run this event at a scale that makes it successful and a worthwhile return on investment for all parties.

Therefore, we feel that the responsible action is to postpone the event and make sure that we give more clarity to the communities we serve and allow them to plan their business strategies more effectively.”

Tom Hill added:

“As each of our communities continue to grow in 2021 our team will also be working hard to ensure Tissue World Miami in March 2022 will be a fantastic opportunity to bring the industry back together and we will also announce more details soon for a virtual conference taking place in September 2021.”