The World BioEconomy Forum goes virtual

Events organisers all across the world are being challenged by the current pandemic situation and its possible long term effects. In this context, the World BioEconomy Forum, supported by PaperFIRST, is announcing that the 2020 edition will be held online, live from Ruka, Finland.

In the middle of these unprecedented times of COVID-19, the Advisory Board has made the responsible decision to move World Bioeconomy Forum 2020 online. By doing so, World BioEconomy Forum will reach out to its followers from all over the world. We will provide easy access from wherever you are – at home, in office – over the Internet. Program will be broadcast and steered from the studio in Ruka! The studio will be hosted by Jukka Kantola, Aida Greenbury, Mark Rushton, Teresa Presas and Nils Torvalds.