The Navigator Company participates at Interpack with its packaging brand gKRAFT

The Navigator Company will be present at Interpack, the event in which global packaging industry meets and presents the innovations along the entire value chain, from 4 to 10 May 2023, in Düsseldorf.

By participating with its most recent packaging range – gKRAFT, the company aims to present its answer to the plastic crisis: a kraft paper solution that accelerates the transition to the use of natural, sustainable, recyclable, and biodegradable fibres.

Catarina Novais, Marketing Director at The Navigator Company, states that “The Navigator Company presence at Interpack will be a powerful opportunity to share experiences with customers and other players in the sector, present gKRAFT solutions and to show a clear commitment to the environment.”

Capitalising on its extensive knowledge of the advantages of Eucalyptus globulus, The Navigator Company introduced gKRAFT in three sub-brands, FLEX, BAG and BOX, covering a wide range of business needs.

Due to the virgin fibres used, this high-quality packaging solution offers excellent paper formation, an extra smooth finish, superior printing quality, and guaranteed converting performance. However, even among its virgin fibre peers, gKRAFT has leverage, since it allows more recycling potential: 2 to 6 more recycling cycles compared with other wood fibres, while producing higher quality recycled products.

The use of virgin Eucalyptus globulus fibre, obtained from responsibly managed and duly certified forests, enables the efficient use of resources from a “More with Less” standpoint, allowing the same square metres of forest area to produce more square metres of paper bags or boxes. This is possible not only because the forest productivity of eucalyptus is five to seven times higher than that of Nordic Pine, but also because it requires less eucalyptus wood for the same amount of paper, thus helping to fully leverage carbon dioxide capture in the same area. gKRAFT is also a safer and more hygienic option versus recycled papers, as the latter can contain harmful quantities of chemicals, such as Bisphenols and Mineral Oils as well as microorganisms like bacteria. This is particularly important when we talk about skin and food contact, which is why gKRAFT has been approved for food contact by ISEGA, the German institute for certification of packaging products, as well as InnovHub in Milan, guaranteeing the maximum safety of its products for the food industry.

All in all, this is a new generation of packaging papers with outstanding performance and excellent printing quality, which ensure perfect functionality and all the safety and hygiene your products require. This is packaging with meaning, made from a unique raw material which has higher recycling potential and uses less wood volume per ton of paper.

Join us at Interpack Hall 8A/C31 and find out more about our gKRAFT solutions.