The Ence biofactory in Navia resumes production after successfully implementing the efficiency improvement project “Navia 80”

The Ence biofactory in Navia has resumed its usual activity, the production of cellulose pulp and the generation of renewable energy, once the stop necessary to implement the efficiency improvement and capacity increase project called “Navia 80” has been completed.

The operations framed within the stop, which began at the beginning of October, were developed within the plans and times established by the company. The implementation of new equipment and modern technologies has been executed successfully, thanks to the joint performance of Ence employees and the different companies involved in the project. The plant’s start-up work has completed the process.

The objective of “Navia 80” has been to obtain an improvement in almost all the industrial processes of the plant, thanks to an investment of over 113 million euros. The efficiency of the biofactory has been increased, while its environmental performance has been significantly improved. In fact, 35 million have been allocated exclusively to reduce and minimize the impacts of facilities in the environment.

In this area, the optimization of water consumption and the improvement of effluent quality, as well as the eradication of odors and the minimization of noise stand out. All this is due to the application in the shipping plant of the most modern technologies available in the paper pulp production sector.

The figures for this final phase of the “Navia 80” project record the magnitude of the project. 340,000 hours of work have been done. For more than a month, about 1,400 daily contractors have worked in the Navia biofactory. On the day of the highest occupancy at the plant, on October 10, 2,043 people registered at the plant, adding Ence employees and collaborating companies. Together, 185 firms have participated in the project, which have been perfectly coordinated in terms of safety and respect for the environment, strategic priorities of Ence – Energy and Cellulose, achieving very satisfactory results.

The biofactory will now focus its efforts on continuing and strengthening its production of high quality cellulose pulp, which is mostly exported to the European continent, as well as energy, with the aim of continuing to create wealth and favoring economic activity in its environment.