Sustainability and inclusion, a new life through creativity: Fedrigoni in support of women with a history of marginalisation

The production of Fabriano-branded stationery products will be partnered with Progetto Quid, a social enterprise set up to give a new job opportunity to people with a history of fragility and new life to surplus and leftover fabrics, transforming them into ‘Ethically Made in Italy’ clothing and accessories

Creativity, freedom of expression and craftsmanship, but also inclusion and sustainability. These are the values underlying the partnership between Fedrigoni and Progetto Quid, a Veronese social enterprise set up to give a new employment opportunity to people with a history of marginalisation from the labour market: today 82% of Quid is made up of women, who make accessories and tailored garments, also using surplus or recycled materials made available by companies in the textile sector.

A sensitivity that fits in well with that of Fedrigoni, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of special papers, premium self-adhesive materials and RFID solutions, which for over 20 years has dedicated great attention to all ESG issues, both in terms of the reduction of resources used and the recycling/reuse of materials at every stage of processing, and in terms of the inclusion and enhancement of people, not only within the company but also in the supply chain. This was the starting point for the collaboration with Quid for the production of some fabric stationery products under the Fabriano brand, a historic brand of the Group that has been communicating with the general public for years with its products for the fine arts, schools and creative applications.

We have been very impressed by what Progetto Quid achieves on a daily basis,” says Jacques Joly, Fabriano’s Managing Director. “Combining the cathartic power of creativity with real opportunities for redemption generates important results, both on an artistic and, above all, human level. Fedrigoni also strongly believes in the principles of inclusion and equality in diversity, and expresses this through attentive and active policies towards its people, just as it implements all possible strategies to reduce consumption and waste, to the point of ennobling waste. The diversity of shapes, colours and materials is what makes our offer so special: thanks to this new collaboration, the Fabriano product range will have that quid capable of making it even more unique and original’.

“In a world that produces and throws away at once unthinkable speeds, at Quid we support the idea of recovery, upcycling and waste reduction,’ says Anna Fiscale, President of Quid. In our workshops, which are strongly female-dominated, we offer employment and training opportunities to people most at risk of exclusion from the labour market: women and men who have been trafficked, subjected to violence and discrimination, or differently abled, to try to change the culture of work starting from fashion, strongly believing that workplaces can be places capable of transforming our destiny, thanks to paths that can enhance the talent and strength of each person, despite their fragility. We like to say that limitations are our starting points.  In Fedrigoni we have found an excellent partner, capable of welcoming and giving voice to our mission through its products, which can accompany the creativity and self-expression of many, and which like us works on sustainable projects enhancing people and the environment”.