Sunset Converting expands business and AFH private label offerings thanks to Kӧrber’s Perini MyLine and service

Sunset Converting Corp is the premier AFH private label tissue converting source for redistributors in Canada and the United States. Their industry experience, reputation for quality products, and commitment to innovation prompted the construction of a new mill in Quebec to better serve these markets.

The 2020 expansion also provided an opportunity to install two Perini MyLine on the Sunset production floor.

“Automation is in our DNA,” said Sunset Converting vice president and partner Mathieu Laferriere. “Our goal for the mill was keeping things clean, automated, well done, and functional. Kӧrber was a natural choice.”

Collaborating with Kӧrber also fueled Sunset innovation. The advanced technologies and capabilities enabled the supplier to run bath tissue and kitchen towels — products previously not available to the AFH private label market. “The flexibility of Perini MyLine is amazing. The machine does exactly what it says it can do in the specs, and more,” commented Laferriere.

“We pursued equipment purchases when the pandemic made it tricky. Perini MyLine was readily available, which was key. Also, Kӧrber could demonstrate it for us in their facility in Italy.”

“Seeing MyLine in action and experiencing the excellent product quality and features like AquaBond water lamination first hand confirmed what we needed to know. Plus the legendary reputation of the Perini converting technology from Kӧrber gave us confidence in our purchase.”

However, gaining competitive advantage with new product introductions is only the beginning of the benefits Sunset is receiving from the Perini MyLine. Laferriere sees the equipment’s ease of use and maintenance simplicity as foundational to success.

Like the majority of companies across industries, Sunset struggles with filling the skilled labor gap. “MyLine helps us empower less experienced team members. They have the right automation, production versatility, and streamlined processes to achieve their goals,” said Laferriere. “Our employees can be proud of their contributions. In turn, Sunset is able to serve the market well and efficiently provide high-quality private label AFH products to our customers.”

Service is a top priority for Sunset, both in providing it and receiving it from their key supplier relationships. “Kӧrber aligns with the Sunset philosophy of always being transparent and proactive with customers,” explained Laferriere. “It’s important for us to live that promise, and we couldn’t do it without suppliers who are on the same page. Professionalism and knowledge reflect Kӧrber’s commitment to their customers’ success before, during, and after the sale.”

From Perini MyLine versatility to Kӧrber service dependability, Sunset Converting Corp values every aspect of Kӧrber solutions. “When you feel good about a doing a deal, it validates your business decision,” concluded Laferriere. “Perini MyLine and our trust in the entire Kӧrber team continue to prove Sunset made the right choice.”