ST Macchine – New project at Cartiere Ermolli

ST Macchine received an important order for the project of paper machine modification at Cartiere Ermolli Spa located in Moggio Udinese (Italy), a paper mill specialized in the production of papers for the food sector, such as wrappers, packaging, polythene, printable papers and ones with superior technical characteristics such as a high degree of transparency.

Stock preparation:

  • High Density Pulper PAD 21 m3.
  • High Density Cleaner DPD30/A.
  • Set of chest and tanks equipped with agitators.

Water treatment:

  • Dissolved Air Flotation unit Superflot CFR-5500 SJ complete with Pressurizator PRV0,6.

Approach flow circuit:

  • 3 stages of Low Density Cleaners DPL500 with last stage equipped with automatic junk trap.
  • Primary Screen SPC20.
  • Dilution Water Screen SPC08.

Paper Machine:

  • Hydraulic Headbox Performance model equipped with Dilution for basis weight profile control.
  • Fourdrinier with cantilever structure.
  • Under Machine Broke pulper for couch pit.
  • Under Machine Broke pulper for film press.
  • White water channel and silos.


  • Detailed engineering for the installation of the equipment and manufacturing drawings for water, stock and vacuum pipe lines.