South Florida Tissue Paper chooses Körber Business Area Tissue technologies to expand its business in the retail sector

The rising costs of raw materials and product transport due to reduced imports from the Chinese market are the main variables that are creating price increases with the risk of penalizing sales in the US tissue market, even though, paradoxically, demand in some regions is greater than available local product capacity.

An example of this is Florida, a territory which in recent years has experienced an exponential growth in population thanks to an increase in births and a greater employment of immigrants.

It’s in this context that South Florida Tissue Paper, a third-generation company founded in Miami in 1997, aims to become the main player not only in the AFH (Away From Home) sector by consolidating its positioning, but expanding its own work in new business areas such as retail tissue.

In order to better approach the market, the company needed to have a technology capable of increasing capacity, versatility, and automation at every stage of the conversion process while ensuring a high quality of the finished product. “We were looking for a strategic partner able to understand the logic of the American market, able to offer not only advanced and competitive technologies but 360 ° consultancy that anticipates the needs of the tissue sector. We found all these characteristics in Körber” comments Juan Corzo III, VP Operations at South Florida Tissue Paper.

The perfect solution for the company is the Perini Myline from Körber. This line has been designed for the production of toilet and kitchen paper rolls up to 200 mm, or 8 inches, in diameter, and is capable of handling parent rolls up to 2500 mm, or 98 inches, in diameter at a speed maximum of 600m / min and a production of 40 logs / min.

The Perini Myline is a well-established technology, with more than 60 lines sold around the world since 2016. The Perini Myline rewinder is based on the well-established Sincro exchange phase system. The technology offers the perfect balance between cost and OEE to maximize ROI, and guarantees simplicity of operation and easy maintenance. The line is also equipped with a laminator-embosser with 409mm diameter steel rollers, and it is water lamination capable utilizing Körber’s Aquabond technology which eliminates the use of glue, making it greener, more efficient, and less expensive.

With the view of developing our business, we had two different requirements:  to select a line that would increase our production capacity and to identify a trustworthy partner capable of providing careful and timely technical support. With Körber’s Perini Myline we are convinced that we have found the reliable, efficient solution to help us consolidate not only our role in the AFH sector but also to be able to compete in the retail sector. In addition, with Körber Business Area Tissue’s local assistance we can be sure of relying on an experienced partner who is available at any time to provide personal assistance for every need,” comments Juan Corzo III.

“Tradition and innovation have always been part of Körber’s core business. We believe in the value of relationships and in the constant exchange of information with our customers in order to offer them innovative solutions that can support and diversify their business. We are honored that South Florida Tissue Paper has chosen Körber Business Area Tissue as a strategic partner to consolidate their presence in the American market and develop their retail business” comments Claudio Muñoz, Marketing Director at Körber Business Area Tissue.