SOFIDEL tops morningstar sustainalytics ranking for ESG risk management: first in the world in the “Household Products” category

As a result of the risk management policies implemented by the Group, 9 out of 10 materiality indicators analyzed by the rating are found to have “negligible” weight.

The Sofidel Group, known for the Regina brand and among the world leaders in the production of paper for hygienic and domestic use, received a score of 14.4 from Morningstar Sustainalytics, placing it in the “Low Risk” category, which lists companies with a strong ability to manage the environmental, social and governance risks that characterize the three areas of responsibility of a company. Sustainalytics, a Morningstar company, is a leading independent research institute that provides ESG analysis and ratings to both institutional investors and corporations.

In 2023, Sofidel was again confirmed as number one in its target industry, Household Products: 105 companies including not only tissue paper, but also household cleaning and personal hygiene products. It also ranks in the top 10% of more than 15,000 companies evaluated to date by Sustainalytics.

“The Morningstar Sustainalytics rating confirms our solid commitment to ESG risk management policies”, commented Riccardo Balducci, Group Sustainability Director at Sofidel. “This type of analysis and assessment is increasingly important because it represents a benchmark for external observers and stakeholders, whose choices are more and more guided by companies’ ability to develop, implement, attest and share their sustainability strategies in a timely manner; and because it allows companies to identify areas for possible further improvement.”

The Morningstar Sustainalytics rating certifies that Sofidel’s overall ability to manage risks in the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) area is “strong” and it falls into the “Industry Top-Rated” category.

Out of the ten materiality indicators analyzed by the rating – that is, the timely definition of risk factors to be considered and managed to be consistent with business aims – nine turned out to have “negligible” weight.