Södra picks Opticom to survey solid bioproducts customers

Swedish forest products group Södra has been working with Opticom for some 20 years to track customer satisfaction for its pulp products. Now its Bioproducts team has added us to its toolbox, conducting the company’s first in-depth survey of its growing solid bioproducts customer base.

Hannah Stenberg, Customer Experience Manager, explains: “Ensuring that we make the absolute most of our forest resources is an essential part of Södra’s strategy. The more we invest in R&D and innovation, the more we see the potential of forest bioproducts to help create a more sustainable future. Understanding existing and future market needs and customers is crucial for our success, which is where Opticom comes in. Their in-depth surveys help expand our knowledge of the market and our customers, indicating what we are doing well, what could be done better, and guiding us towards better decision making for the future.”

“The results of this first survey for solid bioproducts show that we are on the right track when it comes to sustainability and reliability, but it also revealed areas for improvement, which is what we wanted. Extracting value from surveys such as this one, means taking note of all feedback, not just the bits we like the most, then using the findings, not just filing them. The results will form the basis of action plans for improvement, and a starting point to discuss with customers in further detail.”


Johannes Bogren, Vice President Södra Bioproducts: “It’s heartening to see that our customers value the low carbon footprint of our products but also feel the need for greater collaboration to find more sustainable solutions for the future. We are totally on board and determined to make it happen.”

 “Qualitative customer surveys run by an industry-savvy third party such as Opticom enable us to hear directly from the customer what they would like to see from us in the future. They are an important tool to ensure that we remain a supplier of choice. For us, this is money well spent.”