Södra celebrates anniversary of a world first for Liquid Forest certification

Our tall oil, turpentine and biomethanol were the first in the world at commercial scale to be certified to both FSC® (FSC-C006947) and PEFC (PEFC/05-35-48), offering peace of mind as an environmentally-conscious choice.

“It’s almost a year now since we gained certification. It’s a great way for customers to understand that these are products from sustainably-managed forests,” says Viktor Odenbrink, Sales Director, Södra Bioproducts.

“Interest in finding alternatives to fossil-based materials is escalating, but forests continue to be an emotive subject, so anything we can do to show potential customers that we have a sustainable raw material base is a positive. Our next ambition is to see the whole chain of custody certified but this is a long value chain and it will take time. Still, we need to start somewhere and for now, the fact that we have full control over our own raw material is a significant advantage.”

Next step for Södra Bioproducts: Lignin
“Although still at an early stage, we are already looking at how we will certify our lignin production too,” adds Södra Bioproducts Vice President, Johannes Bogren.

“We’ve been really surprised at the scale of interest in lignin. It has so much potential, in everything from graphite material for batteries to glue and insulation. We can see customers want ready-made solutions when it comes to more sustainable alternatives and we want to make conscientious decisions as easy as possible, securing our position as the supplier of choice.”