Showcasing proven industrial-scale MFC breakthroughs for paper, packaging, and more is now live—an entirely new website featuring innovative, productive, and game-changing advantages from their scalable MFC (micro-fibrillated cellulose) Modules.

The site showcases a portfolio of unique formulations, equipment, and know-how to:

  • Convert brown board grades to White Top without spending millions
  • Gain fibre flexibility, including high performance from cheaper recycled furnish
  • Substitute MFC for starch and synthetic additives
  • Make entirely new grades with modest process changes.

According to CEO Enrico de Landerset, “The new FiberLean is a commercial powerhouse to support customer cost-saving measures and entirely new innovations simultaneously. Our website is all about practical, proven, and creative ways to be innovative and productive with paper and packaging products. Unique formulations for building materials and agriculture are also featured.”

The centrepiece of the FiberLean business offer is MFC modules on-site, using robust grinding technology finesse to deliver high-quality MFC. The result is always economic and sustainability gains for customers. Continues de Landerset, “With over 650 patents, FiberLean MFC, and customers on three continents, our scientists and application specialists help customers with practical, biomaterial sustainability advances. Take a spin on our new website to learn more.

FiberLean Technologies is part of the Werhahn Group and is headquartered in Neuss, Germany.