Sappi Europe’s comprehensive new video series addresses the top 10 customer queries

In a world where sustainability is no longer optional, flexible packaging paper manufacturer Sappi Europe is positioning itself at the forefront of innovation. With its portfolio of functional papers, the company is now a fully-fledged partner for customers in the search for sustainable solutions. Understanding the intricacies of paper packaging is one of Sappi’s key strengths – and the company understands that customers need to reach new levels of understanding, too. It all comes down to asking the right questions and getting the right answers. In its new video series, Sappi addresses the 10 most pressing questions brand owners, converters and printers are currently asking.

  •  Sappi’s new Q&A functional papers video series
  • Top 10 questions, ranging from applications to sustainability
  • Providing invaluable assistance to decision-makers

 In response to frequent customer enquiries and the industry’s rapidly evolving needs, Sappi recently released a new, 10-part video series aimed at demystifying the applications and benefits of barrier papers. The initiative is intended to serve as a valuable resource for brand owners, packaging developers, sustainability managers and others in the food and non-food markets, as well as for converters and printers, who are keen to explore the potential of barrier paper solutions.

Empowering decision-makers with knowledge

Because informed decision-making plays a vital role in today’s competitive market, Sappi’s video series tackles the most acute questions raised by customers. Sappi experts unravel the complexities and benefits of barrier papers, exploring their significance in different various sectors. Highlights include:

  • An overview of the extensive applications of today’s barrier papers – demonstrating their adaptability and relevance across a wide range of products and highlighting their ability to integrate smoothly into various industries.
  • The recyclability and environmental benefits of barrier paper packaging, and how barrier papers can substitute for non-recyclable multilayer structures – such as paper-film laminates, extrusion-coated papers or multi-film laminates – by making possible truly flexible packaging solutions.
  • The impact of the latest European regulations – such as the PPWR and the SUPD –on the use of barrier papers, underscoring the legal framework that influences the use of barrier papers in flexible packaging.
  • How barrier papers can enhance a brand’s image, exploring the aesthetic and sensory benefits they offer to packaging, and how they can play a pivotal role in strengthening brand identity.

A forward-looking solution for today’s market

This initiative reflects Sappi’s commitment to innovation, sustainability and, perhaps most importantly, meeting evolving market needs. By providing comprehensive answers to today’s burning questions, the company aims to empower industry professionals by enabling them to make informed choices that can benefit their brands, consumers and, ultimately, our shared planet.

To access the entire video series as well as for further information on Sappi’s barrier paper solutions, visit Sappi’s website (in English only) via following link: Barrier papers in the spotlight | Sappi PSP | Sappi PSP (