Saica Group showcases strength of its packaging divisions at its European Customer Convention

The Saica Group showcased the strength of its packaging divisions at the 13th edition of its European Customer Convention, held this past Wednesday and Thursday in Valencia, Spain. The group reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability and innovation, through Saica Pack and Saica Flex, as the best strategies to face future challenges, in front of more than 600 attendees. Additionally, the event marked the unofficial handover of the company’s presidency, which Ramón Alejandro will transfer to Susana Alejandro on July 1.

After 14 years leading the organization, the outgoing president reviewed the company’s history and expressed confidence that “not only will the Saica Group continue to enjoy the support of its customers, but also that it is now in the best hands.” Susana Alejandro, in turn, thanked Ramón Alejandro, calling him “a professional and personal role model.” Regarding the new phase, she stated that she takes it on “with the peace of mind knowing that the roadmap is already set,” referring to the ‘Saica 2025’ Strategic Plan, she expressed confidence in being able to face, together with the Group’s clients, the major “economic, technological, generational, environmental, and global” challenges that society is confronting.

In the same vein, Enrique de Yraolagoitia, Saica Managing Director, welcomed attendees and emphasized that customer orientation is one of the group’s strategic pillars. “Maintaining your trust is the best antidote to operating in such an uncertain world,” he insisted.

In addition to contributions from Julián Montal and Miguel Ángel Dora, General Manager of Saica Pack and Saica Flex respectively, and Miguel Ángel Martínez, Saica Pack Commercial & Marketing Director, the event included speeches from customers like Intersnack, Coca-Cola, Mondelez, García Carrión, and Dia. Their representatives shared their successful experiences with Saica’s packaging divisions in making their production processes more profitable and sustainable.

Pilar Franca, Sustainable Development and People Manager of the Saica Group, also analyzed, alongside Guido Aufdemkamp, Executive Director of Flexible Packaging Europe, the new proposal of the European Parliament’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) and its opportunities.

On Wednesday, the tenth edition of the Innovation Contest was held, featuring ten finalists representing the group’s technical offices and showcasing their respective designs. The contest was divided into two awards: one for the Saica Pack division and another for Saica Flex. All prizes were voted by attendees. The first prize was awarded to Antonio Martín, for ‘Seafood Maresmar Box’. The Flex division award was won by Marine Stochmil, for ‘Heat Sealable Paper’.