Runtech to improve press section dewatering at Varel, Germany

Runtech Systems delivers a RunDry dewatering improvement package to Papier- u. Kartonfabrik Varel GmbH & Co. KG (PKV) board machines KM2 and KM3 in Germany. Delivery comprises multiple save-alls with single and double doctor solutions. A combination of Runtech RSP and RSE AirBlades will aim for maximum water removal from the roll surfaces, targeting increased dry content after press section. With the investment, PKV will decrease steam consumption and boost production of the board machines.

Well-designed save-alls are essential to get the full benefits from increased dewatering and ensure efficient water discharge with perfect rewetting prevention. Results are higher dryness after press, better moisture profiles and reduced draw from press to dryer. Runtech’s high-quality composite doctor beams and CompoAdapt blade holders are light and have excellent stiffness and strength properties. This enables easy installation while reaching the highest reliability and performance results.