Runtech rebuilds vacuum system at Enstra Paper, South Africa

Runtech Systems rebuilds vacuum system and improves dewatering at Enstra Paper (Pty) Ltd PM6, South Africa. The delivery includes two low vacuum blowers, three EP600 Turbo Blowers with EcoDrop and EcoSep water separators and an EcoFlow dewatering measurement system for couch save-all and full press section. The new RunEco system replaces 16 liquid ring pumps, which significantly reduces both energy and water consumption. Delivery also includes new double doctor for 1st press bottom roll and suction roll save-all with integrated double doctoring.

“We selected Runtech because their vacuum system is compact, simple and flexible. Runtech understands full paper making process so they were capable of offering a total solution that includes doctors and dewatering measurements in addition to turbo blowers. Measuring water flow accurately is essential for optimizing vacuum levels,” says Nic Campher, Head of Paper, Enstra Paper.

“In case of a bigger rebuild it is essential that vacuum system has flexibility so that vacuum levels can be optimized after the start-up. In many cases machine suppliers oversize the vacuum systems by 30-50% so by selecting an unsuitable supplier, end customers will pay extra operating costs. Difference in vacuum system power consumption is easily 25-30%.

Combining dewatering improvement and EcoFlow system with vacuum system rebuild often brings very significant benefit. We have seen up to 1.5% increase in dryness after press and 20-30 m/min increase in machine speed. Optimized vacuum level will reduce vacuum system power consumption even further as well as press section drive loads,” says Jussi Lahtinen, Sales Director, Runtech Systems.