Rottneros Bruk in Sweden evaluates new technology for arrival control of wood chips

The Swedish greentech company Mantex AB will install a Mantex Biomass Analyzer in Rottneros’ pulp mill in Sunne in Sweden for evaluation. The installation is done in connection with the mill carrying out a major expansion in order to increase its capacity.

 Since last autumn, the Mantex Biomass Analyzer has been type-approved for measuring dry matter content in sawmill chips and sawdust. Rottneros Bruk in Sunne manufactures chemically pretreated thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) and uses only wood chips as a raw material in its production.

“Rottneros’ facility in Sunne is a highly interesting customer for us as they work with materials that our current version of the Biomass Analyzer is type approved for and thus well documented in measuring. In this way, they are similar to our customer Swedish pulp mill Waggeryd Cell, who achieved clear efficiency gains after they started using our Biomass Analyzer,” says Martin Frid, sales and marketing manager at Mantex AB.

Rottneros is a leading specialist company in the development and production of market mass for selected niches. Among other things, the company manufactures products that can replace plastic-based materials with fiber-based and circular alternatives. Rottneros operates two mills in Sweden for the production of mechanical pulp and chemical sulphate pulp respectively, Rottneros Mill in Sunne and Vallviks Mill in Söderhamn. The pulp is used in the production of cardboard, packaging, tissue paper, filters, fiber concrete and insulation material for electrotechnical applications. Rottneros Bruk is currently carrying out an expansion with the aim of increasing production from today’s 120,000 tonnes to 170,000 tonnes per year by 2026.

On May 31 Mantex will conduct a webinar on the analysis of wood raw material with the Biomass Analyzer, in collaboration with the customer pulp mill Waggeryd Cell. Waggeryd Cell will share their experiences on how they constantly improve the efficiency of their processes by using the latest technology.