Pulp&Paper European Tour: two visits planned in France to showcase ABB’s innovative solutions

For the third year running, our ABB teams will be meeting paper industry professionals to showcase ABBs cuttingedge mill solutions and vision of operational excellence for the paper mill of the future. As part of its 15country 2023 Europe tour, ABB Pulp&Paper truck will be visiting France from September 18th to 29th. A second journey will also be scheduled from December 4th to 15th.

Specially designed for this purpose, ABB’s demonstration truck will visit papermakers’ production sites to show them the very latest technologies and innovations. ABB’s solutions directly address the major concerns of manufacturers, helping them to achieve higher levels of performance and quality, increase plant productivity and efficiency while improving safety, minimize downtime and maintenance, and optimize energy management to cut costs and limit their environmental footprint.

The interactive showroom will offer papermakers the opportunity to experience a fully automated, optimized and connected mill setting, complete with laboratory, operator, and paper machine environments onboard a customdesigned truck. Customers will be able to experience the latest solutions and insights that will help them to operate their mills to the highest quality standards.

Components of the ABB Ability Quality Management System as well as digital solutions, L&W Autoline and demonstrations of ABB Ability Management Execution system are all available. The entire integrated package is controlled by the ABB Ability 800xA system Extended Operator Workplace (EOW)
which integrates with Paper Machine Drives and many other advanced solutions.

The Pulp&Paper truck tour is a great event to demonstrate our expertise and knowhow of the paper industry. Every year, the roadshow is awaited and appreciated by our customers. It travels to different countries and showcase our latest innovative technologies which provide a concrete response to the paper industry challenges.said Alain Pitte, Director of Process Automation Process Industries at ABBFrance. “This tour is an opportunity to talk to our customers in a more privileged way, and to show that ABB teams work every day to develop solutions tailored to their needs.”

For more information on ABB’s European Pulp&Paper Tour, visit: https://new.abb.com/pulppaper/europeanpulpandpapertour

To schedule a visit, please contact us at: eupnptour@abb.com