PROTEX INTERNATIONAL opens new factory in China

SPECIALTY CHEMICALS, PROTEX INTERNATIONAL has just completed the construction of a new production site on the industrial park of SIHUI, entirely dedicated to chemistry, in the province of GUANGDONG about 50 kilometers from GUANGZHOU.                    

A new production site

At the origin of this project: the area where GUANGDONG PROX-CHEM SPECIALTY CHEMICALS was then established became semi-residential and the will of the Chinese authorities – today very concerned by environmental and regulatory issues – was to lead chemical manufacturers to a specific platform. PROTEX INTERNATIONAL decided to turn this situation into an opportunity for the future.

The new production site, with an area of 20 000 m² offers a capacity of 20 000 tons/year and PROTEX INTERNATIONAL has a land reserve allowing for further expansion.

The construction and installation of the equipment – meeting the highest Chinese environmental standards – took place in 36 months, due to the pandemic: a workshop where units are able to use hazardous products, and a Class A storage facility and store are operational. Most importantly, some of the staff at the GAOYAO site moved to work at the new plant.


In order to meet the specific needs of its customers in China and other Asian countries, the industrial site has a development laboratory and an application center, while benefiting from PROTEX INTERNATIONAL technologies.

The factory has just opened its doors: the first manufacture has been launched and for the moment it is specialties intended for the paints and inks industry and those for the processing of textiles that are manufactured there.

Focus on innovation and sustainability

For paints, it is a complete range of additives for aqueous paints – without VOCs – with applications for the metal, wood and residential industries… to achieve the same performance as the solvent-based products that are manufactured.

As for the textile industry, China in particular and the countries of South-East Asia in general are the world leaders in the manufacture of fabrics for clothing, furniture and technical textiles.

With its state-of-the-art equipment, GUANGDONG PROX-CHEM SPECIALTY CHEMICALS aims to meet the ever higher and qualitative demands of the Asian market: rigorous selection of renewable raw materials, a desire to reduce water and energy consumption, optimization of production times and costs, conformity of its productions to the ever-increasing requirements of the regulations of the textile market, to which China is very sensitive. The new industrial site manufactures preparation and dyeing aids and textile finishing products for clothing, furnishings and technical textiles, whose use in the production process reduces the volume of water used – and therefore rejected – as well as the temperature of the treatments, which is a source of energy saving.

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL contributes to the ZDHC GATEWAY Program and supports the implementation of sustainable chemistry and best practices in the textile industry, to protect consumers, its staff and the environment.

For the Group, which is already well established in South-East Asia, where nearly 30% of its business is carried out, this project aims to acquire in China a new industrial base with latest generation equipment, guarantee of quality and competitiveness and to provide locally its customers of the Asian zone.