According to the EFE News Agency, tissue factories of the Spanish region of Catalonia have had to increase their production due to a sudden increase in demand due to the coronavirus, which has led some supermarkets to run out of stock.

Dozens of trucks are waiting at the doors of the Swedish multinational Essity factory in the town of Puigpelat (Tarragona) to load toilet paper to replenish supermarket stocks.

“The demand for our products has recently increased, but Essity has business continuity plans to guarantee the supply of products,” sources from the multinational company that has its headquarters in Catalonia in Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona) have told Efe.

According to the company, its “sourcing, logistics and supply teams are monitoring the situation and ready to follow up and inform customers as necessary.”

“The contingency plan, a regular task of commercial operations, foresees measures to maximize the efficiency of the lines so that these peaks in demand can be met without the need to hire external personnel,” the same sources have pointed out.

A company spokeswoman has acknowledged that the fundamental thing is “to guarantee the safety of our employees” and in this sense they have explained that since February they have taken preventive measures “to minimize the impact.”