Pesmel and Core Link enter a contract of cooperation within paper roll handling

Pesmel and Core Link have agreed to cooperate in strengthening their position as leading suppliers of material flow solutions to paper, nonwoven, glass fibre and paper converting industries. In line with the cooperation and its business strategy Pesmel aim to focus on material flow solutions where the core technologies are automated warehousing and related software. For Core Link the focus is on strengthening its market position in roll handling, wrapping and related solutions. In addition, the companies can together offer comprehensive material handling packages to match customer requirements with a wide range of supply scopes.

The roll handling functions of Pesmel and Core Link operate within Core Link’s organization as of January 1, 2023. As part of the contract between Pesmel and Core Link it has been agreed that Pesmel’s roll handling team in Finland will transfer over to the Core Link organization, however, continuing to work from within the Pesmel premises. In addition to the close cooperation of the operation teams, the customers will benefit from a strong concentration of R&D and know-how in material flow and the collaboration of the companies’ global sales and service networks.