Pasaban Service, Helping Customers Worldwide

“Customer proximity and offering a high-quality service are our top priorities.” Iñigo Pagola, Service Manager of Pasaban.

At Pasaban, we want to make sure that our clients receive excellent technical support. In order to ensure this, we have prioritised our customer services as we know this is the best way to obtain maximum performance from our paper and board sheeters and winders.

Our extensive knowledge of the paper converting industry and its technical problems allows us to offer a close, fast and efficient service around the world, which translates into a relationship of trust with our customers in the long term.

Pasaban’s technical service is endorsed by qualified engineers specialised in machinery upgrades, emergency service, machine installation and regular and preventive maintenance.

The modernisation of sheeters and winders is essential to extending their lifetime and improving the efficiency. Our Upgrades service offers clients the option of updating Pasaban machines and machines from other brands.

We supply mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic spare parts with short delivery times and a six-month warranty. You can request them by calling us or on our online parts store.

Our remote support will help you avoid downtimes caused by a malfunction, and in turn significantly reduce maintenance costs. We can provide a fast, efficient and secure cover in emergency maintenance situations such as when you need urgent repairs.

We also offer regular maintenance services that provide a quick solution to specific problems, as well as preventive maintenance services through inspections, operation line analysis and consultation on technological improvements and adaptations.

In a case that a client needs a machine relocation, we take care of the disassembly, transfer, installation and start-up at the final destination. We can also train new operators and create user manuals and relevant documentation suited for the new location.

We complete our technical customer service with in-house training and advice for operators and maintenance personnel. Our post-sales services include basic training in the operation of the acquired machine and safety training in order to minimise the risk of accidents. We also offer advice for process improvement.