Paper and Tissue Expo Istanbul 2025! Connecting Exhibitors and Visitors from Turkey, Eastern Europe, CIS, the Middle East, Asia and North Africa.

The Premier International Paper & Tissue Expo Istanbul, Turkey, 2025;

We are delighted to announce that Paper & Tissue Expo Istanbul will be held on 26 – 27 – 28th of May, 2025 at the ICC – Istanbul Congress Centre.

Paper and Tissue Expo Istanbul is the Premier International Trade Fair for the Paper and Tissue Industry in Turkey.

This will be a very special event, an exciting new project that convenes business and investors from various paper and tissue enterprises and institutions of all sizes, both national and international.

In a three-day exchange, Paper & Tissue Expo Istanbul 2025 will help foster proactive business to business solutions through a process of qualified B2B matchmaking.

We eagerly look forward to bringing the paper and tissue sector together in Istanbul to help create long-lasting opportunities for networking, collaboration and growth.

Paper & Tissue Expo Istanbul 2025, where exhibitors and visitors can view the latest market innovations and discover new products and services.

Participants will have access to international and domestic companies and so can develop relations with suppliers and manufacturers in Europe and Asia. It will unite industry leaders with their global experience and wealth of knowledge. Explore a diverse array of exhibitor booths showcasing the latest machinery, raw materials, and sustainable solutions driving the future of paper and tissue production.

The aim is to host many industry professionals from as many different countries as possible, showcasing their products and services to thousands of like-minded people from Turkey, Europe, CIS countries, Asia, Russia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Why Istanbul?

ISTANBUL: The regional trade and logistic hub between Europe and Asia.

Istanbul has a unique position at the crossroads of civilization, where East meets West, it remains one of the world’s greatest and most visited cities.

Istanbul remains a critical point for trade and commerce. Its position has made it a key hub for trade, business, and cultural exchange for centuries.

Paper & Tissue Expo Istanbul 2025 presents a unique opportunity to meet with customers who offer a wide range of market opportunities in Turkey and neighbouring countries.

 The Paper Sector in Turkey;

Paper and tissue industries in Turkey have witnessed remarkable growth over the years, firmly establishing itself as a leading player in an ever challenging worldwide market. Paper & Tissue Expo Istanbul stands as the epicentre for visionaries and industry leaders alike, united in their dedication to cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes paper production.

Turkey offers a tremendous range of opportunities in the paper and tissue sector with its vast production capabilities and export potential.

In terms of export markets, Turkey has successfully expanded its reach to many countries throughout the world. This international presence has contributed significantly to Turkey’s economic growth and strengthened its position in the global market.

Turkey’s tissue industry boasts impressive figures in production capability and has become a catalyst for substantial growth within Europe and the Middle East. The combined manufacturing capabilities of these companies well exceeds several million tons per year, meeting both domestic demand and satisfying international customers.

The corrugated board sector in Turkey has a highly competitive position in terms of production technology and as such, Turkey now has the 6th largest production capacity in the world.

Turkey boasts a thriving hygiene and non-woven industry. The tissue and hygiene paper market is experiencing an incredible surge in demand, with an increasing need for tissue paper being a key factor driving market growth. Tissue paper is an indispensable part of hygiene practice. The rapid growth of the personal care industry provides ample opportunities for wipe manufacturers to innovate their product offerings and packaging.

In the vibrant heart of Istanbul, where innovation is of great importance, awaits an unparalleled event. At the esteemed ICC – Istanbul Congress Centre, we invite you to join the foremost gathering dedicated to the paper and tissue industry at Paper and Tissue Expo Istanbul.

We look forward to welcoming you to Istanbul from the 26th to 28th of May, 2025.

Please contact us at [email protected] or call on +90 507 857 74 57 to secure your space.

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