New handbook assists paper mills to Achieve efficient operation through utilization of process chemicals

Process Chemicals for Papermaking, a new release from TAPPI Press, provides papermakers with strategic approaches utilizing papermaking additives in order to achieve paper mill efficiencies, including those related to process water usage.

According to Scott Rosencrance, one of the book’s editors, “While there have been other books covering various papermaking additives, this work is the third volume in a series that is uniquely and carefully crafted and organized to present the information in an educational and practical handbook format.” Rosencrance went on to say, “This book will be of interest to most everyone involved in papermaking technology, especially if they are actively engaged in additive product innovations or developing new and improved production grade structures.”

This new volume provides a general background and description of key technological challenges, including how different process additives can be used in a strategic manner to better achieve efficient and trouble-free operations.

Over the course of seven chapters, the book’s 18 authors dive deeply into: influent water treatment; use of charge control agents; defoamers; corrosion control; deposit control; and wastewater treatment.

As noted above, this is the third joint editorial effort for Rosencrance and Martin A. Hubbe for TAPPI Press. They co-edited Make Paper Products Stand Out: Strategic Use of Wet End Additives in 2020 and Advances in Papermaking Wet End Chemistry Application Technologies in 2018.

Process Chemicals for Papermaking is available for $129 for TAPPI Members; $168 for non-members. Ebook format is also available. Orders can be placed online or through TAPPI’s Member Connection Center, 1-800-332-8686 (US).