More kraft paper solutions for Sofidel’s products packing in France, Ireland and the UK

Sofidel’s commitment to more sustainable packaging continues.

The replacement of polyethylene packs for all sizes of Regina Blitz household paper towel in the UK and Ireland is now complete, and the Sopalin L’Expert kitchen towel wrapped in kraft paper has been launched in France.

Several new packs have arrived on various European markets made of kraft paper, a plant-based material that is renewable and easily recyclable, replacing or complementing existing products.

Following the launch of Regina Blitz household paper towel (single-roll wrapped in kraft paper) on UK supermarket shelves in mid-October 2019, the Regina Blitz two-roll and three-roll kraft paper pack sizes have also debuted in the UK and Ireland in summer, completing the replacement of the entire product range with more sustainable packaging.

In France, on the other hand, the Sopalin L’Expert kitchen towel was launched in June, extending the “Blitz” product concept to other Sofidel brands in Europe and also packaged in kraft paper. As the pioneering brand on the French kitchen towel market, with its three-ply, thick and resistant paper, the product is designed to help consumers clean their homes, particularly glass and glossy surfaces.