MIAC 2020 is postponed to April 2021 and it is called MIAC RESTART

EDIPAP S.R.L., the MIAC organizer, has decided, after recent consultations with companies in the paper industry sector, to postpone the October 2020 edition of the MIAC Exhibition to April 2021 on 21.22.23 April 2021.

The April 2021 edition takes the official name of MIAC RESTART.

“It was a difficult decision, especially because MIAC still had 160 direct Exhibitors ready to exhibit at the exhibition in October 2020. Furthermore, during the last months we have worked to offer both Exhibitors and Visitors a safe environment and fully in line with governmental, regional and local directives in terms of personal safety and health,” says Gianmaria Pfeiffer, director of MIAC.

“We have studied very specific protocols to allow people to visit the MIAC Exhibition in a responsible way and in total safety and we have waited for the month of September to make a final decision by evaluating the Covid-19 situation: organizing the exhibition this October, however, would not have guaranteed the Exhibitors and Visitors to ‘experience’ the MIAC that we all know due to travel restrictions on an international level,” continues Pfeiffer,“and so we decided to move the exhibition to April 2021 waiting for better times.”

MIAC 2020 then becomes MIAC RESTART and is organized on 21.22.23 April 2021 at the Exhibition Centre of Lucca in Italy.

MIAC 2021, on the other hand, remains scheduled in the usual month of October and is organized on 13.14.15 October 2021.

Stay tuned!