Metsä Group and ANDRITZ are aiming for ambitious climate goals

Metsä Group and technology supplier Andritz have agreed to work together to reduce Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions. Scope 3 emissions refer to emissions from the company’s value chain and purchases, such as emissions during the sourcing of production equipment and raw materials and the transportation and use of manufactured products. The goal of the multi-year cooperation is to increase the effectiveness of emission reductions and to find completely new ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The companies have established a project group that will determine the most significant development targets, metrics and goals during 2024, with which the total emissions of the value chain can be reduced.

“The collaboration is a significant step for both companies. It shows how important part of our sustainability work is to reduce emissions from the value chain and sourcing. Together, we will find new ways to manage greenhouse emissions that would not necessarily be recognized if companies were operating independently,” says Jari Voutilainen, SVP Sourcing and Logistics at Metsä Group.

“ANDRITZ is strongly committed to developing innovative solutions in cooperation with Metsä Group, so that we can achieve our sustainability goals together. This partnership with Metsä Group not only reflects our commitment to advanced greenhouse gas emission management methods, which are an integral part of our sustainability strategy, but also enables the implementation of more effective emission reduction methods, which would be much more challenging if acting alone,” says Ari-Pekka Määttänen, SVP EMEA at ANDRITZ Pulp & Paper.